Wine Club Management

You have different types of customers.
You need different types of clubs.
One size does not fit all.


Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z.  Each customer type is different.  Engage your customers with the club that fits.


Case Clubs.  When a case is purchased customers typically receive a case discount.  OrderPort makes it easy to enroll these customers in a case club.  It’s a great way for customers to receive club benefits without committing to scheduled releases.  Case Club members receive discounts each time they purchase wine.  When they buy another case, in a single purchase or cumulatively, their membership is extended.  Membership is recognized in the tasting room POS and in your webstore.


Winemaker Select Clubs.  Customers join Winemaker Select Clubs and commit to annual releases, provide a credit card for charges, specify pickup or ship and the winemaker selects the wines.  This is the traditional club type that can have multiple versions (number of releases, number of bottles) and different benefits for each version.


Customer Choice Clubs. Giving your customers choice is easier to manage than you might think. Releases are announced and your customers can make modifications and additions to their order in your website.  You have control over their choices.  (Quantities, available wines and allocations) Modified orders are flagged for easy tracking and order fulfillment.   Customers buy more when you give them choice.


Subscription Clubs.  Members of subscription clubs are charged a fixed dollar amount each month.  The funds are held by the winery in a customer account.  The customer can use the funds for purchases in the tasting room and online.  There are no scheduled releases.


Some Feature Highlights

  • Our modern tools enable you to batch process releases, discount by item and move members from club to club or add members to multiple clubs.
  • Memberships can have multiple names associated with the account.
  • You can edit orders before or after credit card processing and easily switch delivery methods between pickup and ship.
  • You can have limited membership clubs and OrderPort enables you to manage the wait list.  There’s no limit on membership size or additional fees for larger clubs.
  • Customers can join your clubs online and in the tasting room.  Membership benefits are applied to open orders once the customer joins.
  • Club members can pick up releases early in your tasting room.  The order is created in the POS and flagged as their club release.
  • If you offer multiple pick up locations, inventory is automatically corrected if the customer picks up at a different location than was specified for their account.
  • Customers can make substitutions and additions to their club order at the point of sale even after the order has been created and their credit card has been charged.  Clerks simply update the order in the POS and the customers’ credit card is charged for the difference.
  • Auto Update feature updates club member credit cards when they expire.