Gift Card Program

Gift Card Program



Customers Share your Brand with Friends

The OrderPort Gift Card program enables your customers to introduce your brand to new customers. Gift cards can be used for purchases in your tasting room and in your webstore. The OrderPort gift card can be used over and over again. Customers can load additional funds on the card in your tasting room point of sale. And there are no merchant processor fees when customers use the card for purchases.


Selling Gift Cards:

Gift Cards are sold the same way as any other product. Simply start an order, and locate the gift cards in the Shop tab.

selling gift cards 1

You are able to create preset amounts for gift cards. In the POS, the preset amounts are shown in 3 different locations. In this case we have made $25, $50, and $75, but you may customize these amounts in the admin. Say that this customer wants to purchase a $25 gift card for their cousin. Select the $25 gift card and proceed to check out. Note that the gift card has a pin: 151. This pin number appears on the bottom right corner on the back of the gift card and on the receipt. It is only used in the case of recovering a lost or stolen gift card.

selling gift cards 2

Here, you can scan the gift card or type in the number to load money onto the card. Select Add To Cart.

selling gift cards 4

Now that you have loaded the gift card, you will be brought back to the Shop section. Ask the customer if they want to purchase anymore items. If not, proceed to Check Out.

selling gift cards 5

Choose your method of payment. After this screen, you will be asked if the customer wants the receipt emailed or printed, and the order is complete.

selling gift cards 6

Loading/Reloading Gift Cards:

On the Manage page of the POS, go to “Gift Card Balance” located on the right side of the screen.

Loading Gift Cards 1

On this screen, you are able to swipe a gift card (or type in the gift card number if the swiper is not working correctly.) The Current Balance will tell you how much is already on the card, and by pressing the “Add Money” button on the right of the screen, you are able to load the gift card. Make sure that you first tap the box next to “Amount To Add” so that you don’t accidentally start typing in the Gift Card Number box.

loading gift cards 2

Say that this particular customer already has $50.00 on their card, and they want to add $50.00 more. Touch Add Money. They can do this with either Cash, Check, or Credit.

loading gift cards 3

After the customer pays, you will print their receipt and the order is complete.


Transferring a Balance from a Lost or Stolen Gift Card:

One of your many valued customers, Katie, walks into your winery. “I have a gift card to this winery but I misplaced it. Is there a way to recover my money if I brought the receipt?”

Katie’s in luck because in the OrderPort gift card system, no money goes to waste. Go to the Tools section in the POS, and then go to About POS. In the column on the right there is a button called Lost Gift Card. Touch that.
lost:stolen 1

Look at Katie’s receipt. It should contain the last 4 digits of the Gift Card Number and the Gift Card PIN. Type in these numbers and then tap the blue Search button.

lost:stolen 2

A screen will pop up containing the gift card number, the amount left on the card, and the customer name. Katie must not have used her card at all, since hers contains $150.00. Good thing that she held onto that receipt. Tap on the row containing the information about Katie’s card.

lost:stolen 3

Now you can swipe a new gift card to transfer the balance from the lost card.

lost:stolen 4

The lost card number will be deactivated once you tap the blue Replace button and enter your PIN.

lost:stolen 5

Print out Katie’s receipt, give her new gift card, and send her on her way.
lost:stolen 6