Reward Customer Loyalty with Experiential Products

Customers Automatically Earn Loyalty Points with Purchases


The most effective loyalty programs reward customers with something that’s not available off the shelf. When customers redeem loyalty points for experiential products such as vineyard tours or a private barrel tasting that can only be purchased with points, loyalty points become high value currency. The OrderPort Loyalty tools enable wineries to customize their loyalty program by customer type and products. Points can be earned and redeemed for purchases in the tasting room POS and the webstore. Wineries can also issue points as a reward for something other than transactions. This might include points for a customer referral, years in the wine club or a members birthday.


Brand Fans. Experiential rewards create a story customers will share with friends. Experiences create lasting memories and turn customers into brand fans. Brand Fans associate your winery with the positive experiences they have from that point on.


Customer Retention. Loyalty programs make customers more likely to stay customers. Loyalty programs are proven to be one of the most effective ways for wineries to retain customers. Customers can track the points they earn in their customer account. The products customers can purchase with points can be promoted in the wineries outreach.


Loyalty Management. OrderPort makes it easy to start and manage a winery loyalty program. Reward customers with points based on their customer class, club membership type or years as a customer. Products can be included or excluded from earning points and from purchase with points.