OrderPort Security

"We take data security beyond credit cards. With OrderPort your customer data is secure in every way.”

— Stephen Ratzlaff, Director, Business Development

Cloud Hosted Data

Safe and Securely Available.
Microsoft Azure

Building customer relationships requires customer confidence.

Cloud hosting gives OrderPort the foundation for data security you and your customers will trust. OrderPort hosts with Azure, one of the world’s most trusted cloud hosting companies. Cloud hosting is scalable, reliable and highly secure.

Credit Card Processing

PCI Compliant and More.

OrderPort is proud of the fact that we have been using Tokenization since 2002.

We have never stored customer card numbers. Our approved gateway uses a Card-On-File number for each customer with a stored card number which is a token and all OrderPort servers are on the latest, most secure SSL and firewall protections. We undergo monthly PCI scans when only quarterly is required.


Mobile Credit Card readers and the OrderPort gateway operate exclusively with point-to-point encrypted data so the card number is never decrypted during any part of the OrderPort transaction. We send only encrypted data to the payment gateway and that data is not returned to OrderPort, only the result of the transaction.

Passwords and PII

Protecting customer data is critical to your success.

Our online support desk is another way to let us know when you have questions or need help.

OrderPort started as an ecommerce and fulfillment center integrated system with many publicly traded clients which meant our vetting was quite thorough and we were involved in understanding and supporting proper handling of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in all systems with which we interacted.


In OrderPort customer passwords are encrypted and cannot be decrypted. OrderPort clients do not have access to customer passwords and credit card information.