OrderPort One

The Program for Limited Production Wineries

If you’re a limited production winery and your sales come from periodic club releases and events you’re probably using a non-winery application like Square to take payments. Square has no setup cost and no fixed monthly fees. You just pay as you go. If you’re planning to switch to software designed for wineries as you grow, we have some good news.


You don’t have to wait.


OrderPort One is a special software program designed for limited production wineries. There’s no setup cost and no fixed monthly fees. OrderPort One includes the OrderPort POS and the DTC management tools every winery needs. You can add features or upgrade your program anytime.

OrderPort One has No License fees. No Setup Fees. No Monthly Software Fees. No Long-term Contract. You only pay:

  • For all card-present and card-not-present transactions
  • 2.9% + $.30 per EMV card dip or tap
  • That’s it. No hidden charges. Just pay as you go.

What’s included with OrderPort One?

You get the OrderPort Mobile Point of Sale with Contactless EMV. The OrderPort POS is integrated with merchant services from WorldPay enabling fast and reliable processing and the ability to accept tips, run tabs and save club member cards on-file.

OrderPort One includes our robust administration platform with:

  • Inventory management
  • Ship-to-state validation
  • Sales tax calculation
  • Shipping integration with UPS, FedEx and GLS (GSO)
  • Customized email notifications
  • Catalog manager
  • PCI compliant storage of credit cards
  • Auto-updates of expired credit cards
  • Sophisticated winery reporting including:
    • Visual dashboards with key reporting metrics
    • Comparison data with wineries in your region
    • Standardized reports with auto-distribution
    • Custom report builder
  • Automatic discounts by customer type

Contactless EMV Card Reader

  • Contactless EMV Card Reader
  • Supports EMV card dip and tap
  • QuickChip Performance
  • Accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay

How do I add Features when I need them?

OrderPort One is designed for start-up and craft wineries. As your business grows just upgrade to another program to access more of the OrderPort system. This saves you the time and cost of moving to another system. When you’re ready to upgrade you can instantly access:

  • Wine club management
  • OrderPort eCommerce
    • Reservations
    • Loyalty Program
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Gift cards
  • Warehouse integration
  • And much more

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the OrderPort Point-of-Sale compare to Square POS?

The OrderPort Point of Sale is designed for wineries. It includes features that support D2C wine sales such as state compliance validation, tasting tracking, sample bottle management, club member discounts, CRM preview alerting staff to expired club member credit cards, orders waiting pick-up and more.

Will I need new hardware?

OrderPort POS runs on iOS devices so you’ll only need to load the app to your iPads and iPhones. The Contactless EMV reader is available from WorldPay.

Can I ship orders from OrderPort?

The OrderPort Point of Sale validates for the states you ship-to and displays a cost estimate based on the customers zip code. OrderPort is fully integrated with UPS, FedEx and GSO and includes a comprehensive order fulfillment module.

Can I use the OrderPort POS off-site?

Yes. Like Square the OrderPort Point of Sale is fully mobile.

What reports are available with OrderPort?

The Point of Sale includes reports for hourly sales, sales by location and product, by employee, wine club enrollment, guest conversion and more. The OrderPort administration reporting includes a visual dashboard displaying key operational metrics and a suite of standardized winery reports that can be automatically sent to your staff. The reporting module also enables you to create custom reports.

Can I use any credit card processor with OrderPort One?

No. OrderPort One bundles the OrderPort Point-of-Sale with merchant processing services from WorldPay. This exclusive combination enables you to accept EMV cards, run tabs, accept tips and save cards on-file in the OrderPort POS. The Contactless EMV card reader is enabled with QuickChip technology for exceptionally fast processing. Customers can insert, tap or use Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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